How to optimise your AdWords copy

Looking for ideas on how to improve your AdWords results? Here’s five ways to optimise your AdWords copy for better results.

1. Include benefits

Now that AdWords text has expanded, there’s more space to share the benefits of your product or service. How will what you’re selling remove a problem or change someone’s life for the better?

For example, Bruno uses the second headline to sell the benefit of their product, “You’ve never slept like this”, while Soda Stream has added “Save £300 per year” to their callouts.

Adwords copy examples

2. Use Ad Extensions

According to Google, adding Ad Extensions can increase click through rates by up to 30%. There’s a range of different types of Ad Extensions, from callouts (short snippets of text) to site links.

For best results, set up Ad Extensions for individual Ad Groups or Campaigns rather than your whole account, so that the extensions shown will always be relevant.

3. Trial Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Ever noticed that the ads showing for your searches use the exact term you searched for? Chances are they are using Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Try it out by adding {KeyWord:Your default text} anywhere in your ad copy. 

A word of caution, don’t go overboard – using Dynamic Keyword Insertion more than once in your ad copy can make your ad look spammy and reduce the effectiveness.

4. Add a way to get straight in touch

You can also use Ad Extensions to add the option for people to call now or text message you, which is great if you’re using AdWords to drive enquiries. 

5. Always test your changes

Finally, there’s no real way of knowing what will perform best, so remember to test your ads against each other to find what works best for your business. To test, just add two ads to your account and Google will automatically rotate them.

Using Google AdWords as part of an integrated marketing strategy is the key to successful campaigns

Using AdWords on their own will probably get more visitors to your website if done properly, but using AdWords as part of an integrated marketing strategy will really help boost your website traffic and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about integrating your AdWords into a successful marketing strategy.

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