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Are you trying to brand up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages but struggling with the sizes for all?

Look no further, in this article you find all the correct sizes for social media branding, so you will no longer have a profile picture that cuts off half of your logo, you will no longer have a cover photo that is ridiculously blurry due to your image being too small, and you will no longer (this is the one that really gets to me the most) have a logo that is squeezed into a tiny area that it is no longer legible. Everything will now look as it should and most importantly, look more appealing to your existing/potential customers.

A few tips when creating your social media branding:

  • Keep all of your social media pages consistent. Consistency is key to brand recognition.
  • For the smaller images (like your Facebook profile picture etc), imagine what these will look like in peoples news feed next to your updates, as they will be a lot smaller than what they are on your actual company page, you don’t want them to be unreadable.
  • Create some sort of icon, monogram or badge for these smaller images, something that your customers/prospects will instantly recognise as being your company. We have created a C in a circle, and because it is being used on all of our social media pages, our clients recognise it as soon as they see it as being Cognique.
  • Make all of your graphics engaging and exciting, something that will stand out amongst all the other companies using social media.
  • And finally, make sure you have some sort of message in your graphics, something that will help people understand what it is that you do.

Why not take a look at our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Googe+ pages to see what we have done. And if you’re feeling generous, you can like, follow and connect with us.


Facebook branding sizesFacebook

1) Cover photo:
1020 x 377px

2) Profile photo:
180 x 180px


New Twitter image sizesTwitter

3) Profile photo:
400 x 400px

4) Header image:
1820 x 500px


Google+ branding sizesGoogle+

5) Profile photo
250 x 250px

6) Scrapbook image
1080 x 608px


LinkedIn branding sizesLinkedIn

7) Standard logo image
417 x 250px

8) Main company image
646 x 220px

9) Small logo image
50 x50px


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