Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique to attract and engage prospects and customers by creating and distributing content that is helpful to them. Rather than explicitly advertising your products/services your aim is to become a trusted and authoritative source of specific information to them. Content marketing works because once they are ready to buy or recommend to others, you are already front-of-mind.

Blog articles are the most popular form of content marketing, and a great place to start. Other types of content include:

  • Guides, reports and white papers
  • Reviews and case studies
  • Checklists and calculators
  • Infographics, cartoons and illustrations
  • Photos, audio, video and podcasts
  • Quizzes, games and competitions

This list is not exhaustive, and limited only by your creativity. However there’s no point in creating great content if no one sees it. This is where social media can help. But to be shared your content needs to be visual, educational, entertaining, timely, relevant, re-markable, snackable, linkable and likeable!

Why should I be doing Content Marketing?

Thanks to the availability of fast broadband buyers now learn about products and services, research suppliers and make decisions based almost exclusively on the information they find online. At the same time they are increasingly resistant to advertising, preferring to seek out helpful information, reviews and opinions on websites and social networks.

In May 2013 Google changed its advice on how to improve your website’s position in its search rankings. Prior to this it suggested that you should concentrate on increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to your website (external link building). Now Google recommends you create ‘high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.’ It’s clear from this change in advice that Google has tweaked its results algorithm to rank for content that is shared. Therefore it’s essential that content marketing and social media marketing work together.

Why Cognique should do my Content Marketing

We have the mix of creative, business, marketing and technology skills required to deliver your content marketing. But it’s not just about creating great content. You need a great website and your content needs to be optimised for search engines. You need to share your content on social media. And when people access your content, you want to leverage your efforts to turn visitors into customers. You need an integrated marketing ecosystem.

How we do Content Marketing

  • We understand your business goals
  • We work with you to define your buyer personas
  • We produce an initial 90 day content marketing calendar
  • We create and distribute approved content to the agreed schedule
  • We measure the results of your content marketing for you
  • We provide you with a quarterly report and recommendations

We also provide training to businesses keen to develop an in-house content marketing capability. Contact us for more details.

How long will it take, how much does it cost?

Unlike pay-per-click advertising, content marketing does not have instant results and can take several months of consistent, well targeted high quality activity to begin to convert anonymous content consumers into customers. However unlike online advertising the effects are long-lasting, continuing to attract people for months and even years to come. Your business is unique so our content marketing service will be tailored to suit your needs. After an initial free meeting we’ll give you a fixed quote for an initial 6-month retainer.

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