Outsourced Marketing

Who’s running your marketing?

How do you find someone to run your marketing without paying a fortune? How do you find someone experienced in both traditional and online marketing? How do you find someone who can work seamlessly with designers, developers, copywriters, photographers, printers, venues and publications? 

Outsource your marketing

We can become your marketing department, responsible for managing and delivering all your planned marketing activities as well as measuring the results. Here’s how it works. After an initial free meeting to understand your goals, budget and timescales we’ll give you a fixed quote for the time we think it will take each month to deliver your marketing. Each month we will then:

  • Carry out your scheduled marketing activities
  • Measure the results of your marketing for you
  • Provide you with a regular reports and recommendations

Who should use our outsourced marketing service?

Our outsourced marketing service is suitable for businesses that don’t have anyone responsible for managing or measuring their marketing. We work with the business owners, directors or senior managers to deliver their marketing both online and offline. While outsourcing your marketing to us is a natural extension of our marketing strategy service, we can also manage your existing marketing plan, if you have one.

How long will it take, how much will it cost?

We can be up and running with your marketing within a few weeks. While costs are subject to your exact requirements view our outsourced marketing programmes for an idea of costs and tasks covered.

How much should you be spending on marketing?

Broadly speaking your marketing budget should be between 4 to 7% of your turnover for an established business. If you are looking to enter a new market or significantly increase your share of an existing market, you may need to spend more.

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