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Why we use WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is both free to download and use. From its humble roots 10 years ago as a blogging tool it now powers over 65 million websites and over 20% of all websites. Thanks mainly to its large developer community it is now more powerful than most expensive, commercial content management systems. This community has created over 28,000 ‘plugins’ (most of which are free) to enhance the standard functionality of WordPress.

We have been building WordPress websites for clients since 2006, and over the years we have created numerous client specific themes (designs), custom plugins and integrations with many other client systems and databases.  We don’t ask clients to use something we wouldn’t use ourselves so of course this website is also built on WordPress! 

Why you should use WordPress too

In a word, freedom. We have lost count of the number of business owners we have met over the years who have felt handcuffed to their existing web designer because they are using his or hers proprietary content management system that only works on their server. Why is this such as a problem? Well, if you want to move your website away from their control you end up either having to pay to rebuild the website again or remove and replace their content management system, neither of which is cheap. In contrast a website built on WordPress can be hosted almost anywhere by anyone.

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