10 signs your business should use outsourced marketing

Are your marketing efforts non-existent, ad-hoc or just not going as planned? Here’s ten signs you should use outsourced marketing…

1. You want to grow

Planning for business growth? Outsourcing your marketing can help you get where you want to be quicker, with less overheads than employing full time staff to cover all marketing specialisms.  

2. You’re not doing any marketing activity

If you’re not doing any marketing activity at all, you might be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your bottom line. Outsourced marketing is an easy way to give it a try – fixed costs and a short (three months) commitment.

3. You’re not seeing any results from your current marketing activity

If you are doing marketing but it’s not working out as planned, outsourcing could give you a fresh perspective. Plus, with a clear strategy and measurement you’ll be able to see the return on your investment more clearly.

4. You’re getting no leads or sales through your website

If your website isn’t working hard for you, and you’re getting no sales or even leads online, then outsourcing your online marketing activity could reveal a new revenue stream for you.

6. No internal marketing expertise

If no-one in your team has any marketing expertise, then outsourcing could make business sense. Outsourcing normally works out less than a single member of staff, but you’ll have access to specialists in marketing plus design, development and PR, all of whom have a wealth of experience getting marketing results for businesses like yours.

7. No time to take on marketing yourself

If you’ve got the know-how but time is the problem, then outsourcing can work for you too. You can input into the strategy and relax knowing that the hard work is being done for you.

8. Nothing is integrated

If your social media isn’t working with your website, or your brochures look entirely different to your email newsletters, then handing it over to us could help it all work better together.

9. You have no website content

If you have no content on your website, you’ll have nothing to share on social media or in your email newsletters, plus no way for visitors to get to know and trust you.

10. Your website is outdated

If your website is showing signs of age – perhaps the design is outdated or it’s not responsive, then outsourcing your marketing and your website to us as part of a package can help you massively improve your online presence, all in one go!

James PattenTechnical Director

Investing in outsourced marketing will make your money go further

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