Name, identity and multilingual website for Active8 Robots

Antony Lovedale founded Active Robots over 10 years ago as a catalogue and online reseller of robot parts and accessories to hobbyists and enthusiasts. But a recent expansion into higher value robots for use in education, academic research and corporate applications meant that Antony needed to create a separate business to address the needs of this rapidly growing market.

Following a recommendation from a business contact, Antony met with Cognique and discussed his requirements. We quickly came up with the name Active8 Robots, an identity and strapline to reflect the forward looking and helpful nature of the business.

Active8 Robots identity

Soon an Active8 Robots responsive and content managed website was designed and developed, with new photography being commissioned from one of Cognique’s trusted associates Made Portraits. But within a few short weeks of the site’s launch if became clear that Antony’s plans were more ambitious than originally anticipated when he set us the additional challenge of developing a German language version of the site as soon as possible.

Building on the existing website we added multilingual website capability to the WordPress content management system within a few days using WPML (you can read more about our experience with WPML here). This plugin not only handles the content in different languages but also acts as a marketplace for the commissioning and management of original content into another language, making the translation process both transparent in cost and easy to manage.

Antony Lovedale, Active8 RobotsSo what does the client think?

“Cognique have responded quickly to our briefs and delivered consistently within agreed timescales to a very high standard, I would whole heartedly recommend their services”
Antony Lovedale, Managing Director, Active8 Robots

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