Amy Scriven

Digital Marketing Executive

Amy joined Cognique as a Digital Marketing Executive in 2021, bringing her knowledge from two previous digital marketing roles to the team. She is the font of all knowledge on everything SEO and PPC – a huge asset to Cognique and our clients.

From writing meta data to SEO keyword research, Amy’s work is vital to creating winning content strategies for clients. Amy loves getting stuck into a project with businesses that are passionate about what they do and know what they want from their website. With the client’s vision in mind, Amy knows how to steer their digital marketing strategy in the right direction.

One of the most satisfying things about Amy’s data driven job is seeing the results speak for themselves. Seeing an increase in website traffic and engagement with a client’s site shows that what we do works – and when you’re dealing with data, the numbers don’t lie.

When not wrangling with meta data at work, Amy enjoys her downtime. Whether that’s going to the gym, seeing friends and family, or binging a true crime series, Amy’s time outside the office is spent getting some headspace and doing the things she enjoys.

Articles written by Amy

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