B2B Christmas marketing – sending holiday greetings

Have you thought about what you’ll send to your clients and contacts this Christmas yet? It’s an annual conundrum – should you send a card, email, present or something else entirely? 

To help, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to spread goodwill that won’t break the bank.

Support a good cause

Supporting a good cause is always nice at Christmas. You could make a charitable donation instead of sending cards and let your contacts know via email. Or maybe try a variation on one of these ideas…

Fun time wasting

Let’s face it, by the time your holiday greeting arrives, it is likely to be fairly close to Christmas and any excuse to waste time is appreciated. Some ideas to consider…

  • Colour it in yourself or join the dots Christmas card. Relate the picture to your business, of course.
  • An e-card with an interactive quiz (with a prize for the best score).
  • Cut out or origami desk decorations.

Make your recipient feel good

Finding a way to make your recipient feel warm and fuzzy inside is always a good bet at Christmas (and hopefully those good feelings will carry across into the next year).

Ogilvyone did this by creating a traditional Christmas card featuring products made by all their clients, while Grey Mexico sent a teddy for recipients to give to a street child or an orphanage.

Be clever

This is probably the hardest of all. For a clever greeting to work, it needs to be a good idea, well executed. Here’s a few from others for inspiration…

Be useful

If you can find a way to be useful at Christmas, your clients and contacts will thank you for it.

Consider making some useful content to share in an email greeting. 37 signals created a helpful repository of ideas for businesses to use on their website at Christmas. Or send something handy in the post – like last-minute gift tags or wrap, or an emergency Christmas card for the recipient to use.

What doesn’t work

Extravagant gifts

Some employees may not be able to accept gifts, so avoid awkwardness by not sending them.

Making it all about you

Christmas is a time for giving, so focusing on your company isn’t likely to go down well. Your contacts probably don’t want to watch a video of your employees singing, for example. Nor is it the time to include sales pitches.


Excellent stunts – like WestJet surprising travellers with gifts or M&S making it snow in Cornwall – need big budgets to pull off successfully (and an even bigger budget to “go viral”). Probably best to leave them to brands with money to burn.

Need help spreading Christmas cheer?

Get in touch to find out how we can help design and send your corporate Christmas greetings via email or post.

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