10 benefits of outsourced marketing

Wondering if outsourcing your marketing could be right for your company? There’s numerous upsides, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Here’s ten benefits of outsourced marketing…

1. No long-term commitment

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your marketing is that there’s no long term commitment. Most firms operate on short or rolling contracts, so you can try out marketing activity without committing long term.

2. Removes risk of investing in marketing

As there’s no need to employ people for the long term, or commit to spending for a whole year, the risk to the business is much less.

3. None of the additional expenses associated with full time staff

As in-house staff are not required, there’s significant savings to be made on recruitment, training, office, software and equipment costs.

4. Access to a wider range of skills

The biggest benefit of outsourced marketing is that you’ll have access to a whole experienced marketing team. Plus, the cost for accessing this whole team can work out less than it would cost to hire a single team member with only one specialism!

5. You can run fully integrated campaigns

Using a team with a range of skills also allows you to run integrated campaigns with confidence, something that is much more tricky to do with a limited in-house team.

6. Access to talent you couldn’t afford in house

You’re also likely to have access to a range of talent that you probably couldn’t afford to employ on a full time basis. Although it’s likely you’ll have both senior and junior members of a team working on your account, senior staff will be able to add significant value quickly.

7. Flexibility to quickly up or downscale your marketing

Another one of the key benefits of outsourced marketing is the flexibility. Expanding, or worse, decreasing the size of an in-house team is a slow and often painful process. When outsourcing, you have the ability to very quickly ramp up or down your marketing activity and spend.

8. Easier to identify ROI

As it’s easier to separate out your marketing costs, it will be much easier to see if the marketing activity is delivering return on investment. It’s also more likely to be strategic, rather than ad-hoc, which can sometimes become an issue when marketing is run whenever someone has time.

9. Outside perspective can be highly beneficial

The perspective of someone outside your business can also be highly valuable when it comes to marketing, they might be able to spot an opportunity you’ve missed, or identify activity that is likely to work based on their previous experience.

10. Benefit from learnings from other companies

A final benefit of outsourced marketing is that the team you are using are also working on marketing campaigns for other businesses. Unlike an in-house team, you’ll be able to benefit from everything they learn from working across a range of businesses and accounts, increasing the chances of your marketing activity being successful.

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