Why it’s important your business brand is consistent

Your business brand is more than just your logo and colours – it’s your values, the way you speak, the personality you convey.

Consistent brands provide the same experience wherever you come across them, whether it’s in person, on social media or on their website.

It makes you more recognisable

Being the same everywhere helps you stand out. For a start, it makes it less likely for people to confuse you with other brands.

Consistency also breeds familiarity, making it easier for people to choose your business. Leading brands, like Coca-Cola and McDonalds, know people will choose them out of ease in an unfamiliar environment. How many times have you visited a far off land only to be confronted with a McDonalds?

It shows you’re dependable

Consistency reinforces your brand personality and helps people know what to expect.

Every time people visit a Starbucks they know what the experience will be like – everything from the cups, to the store environment is designed to create a consistent experience. Starbucks manage their brand identity down to each tiny detail. For example, one of their values is individuality. This is demonstrated in the products they offer (which are fully customisable), the personalised cup you receive your drink in and the fact they encourage employees to add small bits of individuality to their otherwise standardised uniforms and name badges.

It helps build trust

A consistent experience helps people get to know you and in turn build trust. Every little interaction builds upon your overall experience of the brand – that’s why brands that take the time to infuse their values and personality into every element do so well.

For example, Innocent’s fun tone of voice is evident everywhere from social media to the most mundane small print on their products. Where others assume it’s safe to revert to standard copy, Innocent use it as an opportunity to further reinforce their messaging.

Tips for brand consistency

  • Start with the basics – have a clear brand identity in place that reflects your brand values.
  • Be clear about what messages your business should convey everywhere people come across it.
  • Delve into the details – the most consistent brands embed brand personality into every tiny aspect of their business.

Nigel ReeceManaging Director

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