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How can PR help my business?

We saw in our first blog of this series that PR (Public Relations) is about reputation, and that many companies and organisations employ PR companies to build, protect and maintain their reputation.

Why does my business need a PR Strategy?

Having a PR strategy means that you are thinking about what you want customers and other groups (such as suppliers and the media) to believe about the products and services you supply, and about your business in general. Whichever sector you operate in you’ll face competition from companies at home and abroad, and customer buying decisions are influenced by what they believe about a company and/or the services or products it supplies. By having a PR strategy you can influence these beliefs.

What’s in a PR Strategy?

It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be! It needs to fit with your marketing plans and overall business strategy, and should include some key messages which you want to communicate to customers (i.e. what you want them to know about you). These could include things like: the markets you service; your Unique Selling Proposition (USP – what makes you different to your competitors); and anything else which enhances your reputation (such as awards, accreditations, how long the business has been established).

When you have decided on your messages, you need to identify the best way to communicate them – press release, events, interview, etc.

It doesn’t happen overnight…

PR can take a while to show a benefit to your bottom line, but it is a worthwhile journey. Not only does it clarify what you want the public to know about your company, but it is also invaluable should the worst happen and the company experiences a crisis – something which we’ll discuss in a future blog.

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