Get to grips with your web traffic with Google Data Studio

Struggling to find the stats you’re looking for in Google Analytics? Then you’re going to love Google Data Studio!

A relatively new product from Google, Data Studio allows you to create at-a-glance reports from multiple data sources, including Analytics, Adwords and Google Sheets.

And even better, since February this year, Google Data Studio has been free to use for all businesses.

Why use Google Data Studio?

Instead of having to go into Analytics and spend time unearthing the key statistics your business needs, you can set up Data Studio to show exactly what you need to see in a digital dashboard.

The great thing about Data Studio is it brings together data from multiple sources – so you can see your traffic and Adwords stats in one place.

It’s also interactive: you can mouse over data points, sort tables or change dates on the fly.

What can Google Data Studio do?

Some of our favourite uses for Data Studio include…

  • Providing a high level overview for senior management. Use Data Studio to pull out only the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter at a high level.
  • Creating daily, weekly or monthly reports. You can also share reports without providing access to the underlying data if needed.
  • Keeping up to date with progress on targets. Data Studio comes with a whole host of visualisation options. One of the nicest is the bullet chart which allows you to track progress towards targets.
  • Bringing all your data together. As of this month, you can now add almost any data source to your reports. 

Getting started

To help you get started quickly, Google have created a series of video tutorials

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