5 ways good graphic design can improve your marketing

Good graphic design is an often underrated part of the marketing mix, but as designers and marketers, we’ve seen first hand the impact of graphic design on marketing results.

Invest in design to supercharge your marketing activity in these five ways…

1. Make your marketing more memorable

Impactful design is the key to making your marketing more memorable. If no one remembers your message, your marketing spend is as good as wasted.

2. Differentiate your business from your competitors

As well as making your business easier to remember, a strong design will also help you stand out from your competitors. In a noisy marketplace, this is essential if you want to succeed.

3. Improve your social media results

Visuals are increasingly important on social media, so a good design is vital to catch people’s attention as they scroll.

Well designed graphics will help increase your social media reach, engagement and results.

4. Support your brand message

Good graphic design conveys your brand message without having to say a thing. When used in conjunction with marketing activity, your brand message comes across twice as strongly.

5. Increase trust and credibility

Finally, a professional, consistent design links all your marketing together, helping increase trust and credibility across all your marketing channels.

People who trust you are more likely to buy, making your investment in marketing and design pay off.

Nigel ReeceManaging Director

Is your brand a bit disjointed? Are you looking to add some consistency and 'oomph'?

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