New identity for Hosted Accountants

Indigo Group trading as Hosted Accountants has been providing hosted desktop and other cloud based technologies to professional accountancy firms from their Taunton office for 6 years now, and business is good.

But they realised that although the service they were offering their clients was spot on, their brand needed some work. It was a little dark and dated for such a modern business. So they came to Cognique to see if we could help.

Below on the black background you can see Hosted Accountants’ old logo.

Hosted Accountants identity

Above is the new Hosted Accountants identity designed by Cognique. The first thing we did was remove the black background, we wanted to make it friendlier, softer and more approachable. We used the capital “H” tilted in the cloud as it looked very similar to the top of a ladder which allowed us to choose the perfect strapline to complement the logo and also to help explain what the business does for its clients: Step up to the cloud.

Hosted Law: the new kid on the block

Building on their experience and success with accountancy firms, Indigo Group has recently created a sister brand called ‘Hosted Law’ which, as you can probably guess, provides cloud based technologies to professional law firms.

Hosted Law identity

Watch this space for new Hosted Accountants and Hosted Law websites!

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