How to write effective website copy

Effective website copy which is informative, persuasive and compelling will not only help to convert sales and enquiries, but also greatly assist your SEO efforts. However, in our experience it’s often one of the biggest stumbling blocks during a new website project. A combination of resource, time and experience can leave a new website ready to go but with no content. 

Who are you writing for?

Writing effective website copy is not the same as writing effective print copy. In general, website visitors are less inclined to read lengthy, copy dense pages. Consider why someone would visit your website. In the vast majority of cases it will be to find a solution to a problem. So ask yourself; is your copy written to highlight the benefits of your product or service, or is it written simply about you?

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is a powerful part of your branding arsenal. Used effectively, it can add credibility, personality and likeability. Used poorly, it can ‘turn-off’ website visitors or, worse still, damage your credibility. A compelling tone of voice does not necessarily have to be witty or clever, it could be very matter-of-fact, it depends what’s appropriate for your brand, business and sector. 

Avoid jargon or technical language

Unless your website is specifically targeted at a very niche market, avoid internal jargon or overly technical language. Ask someone external to your business to read and comment on your copy. Often, what seems obvious to internal team members may not to external website visitors. 

What is the end game?

Whether your website is designed to drive ecommerce sales or generate local enquiries, when writing your copy consider what you hope to achieve. Clearly demonstrate how your website or business solves the visitor’s problem and make sure your Call To Actions (CTAs) are strong, clear and visible. 

Make it SEO friendly 

Don’t forget about the technical side of effective website copy. Ensure your meta descriptions and SEO titles are set on all pages and that your keywords are informed by research and analysis.   

Consider outsourcing 

Whether it is an entire re-write of your website or regular blog or news articles, outsourcing your website copy writing may be the key to ensuring it is effective, regularly updated and converts.

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