Improving your email campaign deliverability

With spam filters becoming ever more stringent, improving your email campaign deliverability can make a huge difference to the success of your communications. So it’s worth taking a minute to review the mistakes that are most likely to put your message in the Junk Mail folder, or worse, stop it being delivered altogether.

Simple ways to improve email campaign deliverability

  • Avoid using words such as free, cash, guarantee, win, opportunity, earn, offer, limited, and ‘click here’
  • Avoid using CAPITALS in subject lines
  • Avoid using multiple exclamation marks!!!
  • Don’t send an email with no content other than an image
  • Avoid large font sizes
  • Avoid bright red or green font colours
  • Don’t compose and send emails using Microsoft Word
  • Avoid sending from email addresses such as sales@, marketing@. Use a real person’s name instead.
  • Don’t send using a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo email address.

Email deliverability is a BIG subject so expect to see more from us!

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