Marketing for Estate Agents – Make the most of Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising provides a wealth of opportunity for estate agents, are you making the most of it? Here’s five tactics to try…

Boost to reach your existing audience

If you’ve already built up a following of interested Facebook fans, then make sure they see your posts. Facebook has significantly decreased the amount of organic reach that posts by businesses get, but you don’t need a large budget to reach more people.

Boosting your post, even by just a few pounds, will also give you the option to add a call to action button, so you can increase the likelihood people will get in touch.

Use targeting to reach the right people

When boosting, you can use targeting to make sure you’re reaching exactly the right people. Rather than your whole audience, narrow it down by demographics, interests and location. Facebook advertising even has specific targeting relating to residential status which may be useful in refining your audience even further.

Marketing for Estate Agents – Make the most of Facebook advertising

Use Lookalike Audiences to expand your reach

If you’d like to grow your reach, you can use Lookalike Audiences to show your ads to more people who are similar to your existing audience. For example, you can find people similar to those who have viewed certain pages on your website, signed up to your mailing list or follow your page. It’s a great way to easily reach the right sort of people.

Marketing for Estate Agents – Make the most of Facebook advertising


One of Facebook’s most powerful features is retargeting. This can work especially well for estate agents. For example, you can retarget people who have looked at a similar property when you have a new one come up. You can also show the same property to people who have viewed it before to keep it fresh in their minds – perhaps when there’s a price drop.

This tactic can also work for attracting sellers and landlords – try retargeting them with introductory offers or useful guides.

Add call to actions

Finally, don’t forget to add call to actions to your ads. If possible, don’t make prospects go through your website to get in touch. Facebook ads allow you to add a ‘Call now’ or ‘Message now’ button so interested parties will come straight through to you.

Are you new to Social Media Marketing, or just simply not getting the results you would like? We can help.

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