Marketing for Estate Agents - Should you be using Google AdWords?

You might have dabbled with Google AdWords before and been disappointed with the results. Without careful research, planning, setup and monitoring, you could easily burn through hundreds of pounds with little to show for it.

AdWords can be beneficial for estate agents, as long as you carefully consider what you want to get out of it.

AdWords ideas for estate agents

To avoid AdWords getting expensive, it’s worth carefully considering which areas it is worth investing in AdWords. Here are some ideas to consider.


Retarget people you know are interested in similar properties. For example, you can use AdWords to show new properties to people who have viewed similar ones recently. This ensures your ads are only being shown to a relevant audience.

Offer value first

If you are trying to attract sellers or landlords, you can use AdWords to offer something you know they find valuable, such as a guide, resource or even a free valuation, rather than just advertising your services. If you’re going to do this, make sure you’ve tested your resource and know that it’s of value to your target audience before you pay to direct people to it.

Target highly specific keywords

Targeting everyone looking for an estate agent in your area is likely to be expensive and ineffective. Instead, look for opportunities to target people looking for something highly specific. Examples might include:

  • Open house in [your area]
  • House with pool in [your area]
  • 3 bedroom house with annex in [your area]
  • New flats with help to buy in [your area]

Targeting these terms will mean you get less clicks, but you’ll only be paying for people looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Tips for AdWords success

Be targeted

Don’t bid for vague terms, break down your audiences and create specific and targeted ads. Use negative keywords to reduce unwanted clicks.


Here’s how to optimise your ad copy.

Monitor results

Keep tabs on budget. Don’t just set and forget, AdWords requires constant and careful monitoring to get the best possible return on investment.

Get your website ready first

Many people make the mistake of setting up AdWords before they’ve got a high performing website to send them to. Paying to send people to your website is only worthwhile if you are confident you can convert them and get a return for your investment. If you’re website is already failing, it is almost certain your AdWords will fail too as your ads will get the potential customer 50% of the way there, your website should then take care of the remaining 50% and convert them.

Measure conversions

With the above in mind, send traffic to a dedicated landing page that you know converts and measure results.

Do you understand the benefits of Google AdWords, but just don’t have the time to spend on them? We can help.

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