New identity and e-commerce website for Fuzzy Warbles

Vinyl aficionado Stephen Waldron approached Cognique to make a lifelong dream come true: to own his own record shop. He already had a brilliant name (Fuzzy Warbles Vinyl Records), the notion of selling niche genre vinyl online and an idea for how his logo should look. But what he needed was someone to help him deliver the whole package professionally, and within a few short weeks.

Fuzzy WarblesBased on the business name we first developed an ‘A Clockwork Orange’ inspired identity:

Once the identity was approved we got to work on an e-commerce website to sell both new and used indie and electronica genre vinyl records. The site had to be responsive so it would work well on both mobile phones and tablets as well as accept payments and integrate with Xero accounts software to avoid the need to reenter customer and sales data. Customers would also need to be able to see related items by artist, genre etc for the store to effectively cross-sell records.

Based on the client’s requirements we chose to build his website on the Shopify hosted e-commerce platform and provided design, development, integration and training to enable Stephen to manage his own online record store easily.

Fuzzy Warbles Shop

To view the store for yourself please visit Don’t blame us if you are seduced by the vinyl revival!

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