Refreshing new online shopping platform for Somerset water specialists

Glastonbury Spring Water have been supplying customers with their very own refreshing, natural spring water for nearly 30 years.

Nestled at the foot of the iconic Glastonbury Tor, they provide a range of cost-effective drinking water solutions (from water coolers to bottled water) to homes and businesses across the South West.

Glastonbury Spring Water Sales Director, David Lem contacted Cognique to discuss the development of a new website. The existing Glastonbury Spring Water website had a number of (not uncommon) issues:

  • it was difficult and time consuming to update
  • it didn’t reflect their strong positioning in the marketplace
  • there was no online shopping facility, so customers were unable to buy via the website

A new online shopping experience

Cognique designed and developed a new, bespoke WordPress website and added the Woo Commerce plugin, giving it user-friendly, online shopping ecommerce functionality.

online shopping platform ecommerce

Naturally, the website included responsive design and a CMS (Content Management System). However, the real innovation was the inclusion of an entirely bespoke Quick Order system allowing existing customers to make hassle-free new and repeat orders.

online shopping platform ecommerce

Following the launch of the new website, Glastonbury Spring Water entered our Integrated Marketing programme. Their sales now benefit from a modern online shopping platform, as well as regular blog articles, email marketing and Google AdWord campaigns.

Take a look at their new ecommerce website >

Want to add some sparkle to your website or marketing? Contact Cognique today – the natural choice for Integrated Marketing.

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