5 reasons to outsource your social media

“Social media isn’t rocket science and we’ve got a graduate who’s a dab hand with Instagram.” Sound familiar? 

It’s true, social media isn’t rocket science! However, like all marketing activities, it is truly effective when utilised as part of a wider strategy. Whilst the office junior may have a great following on Snapchat or perhaps even be an emerging YouTube star, running, managing and growing social media channels for a business requires planning, quality content and thorough analysis.

If you outsource your social media management to an experienced digital marketing agency they can help you with:

1. Strategy

What social channels will be effective for your business? Should your business be on all social platforms? Why invest time in social media at all? 

Before posting anything on any channel a clear social media strategy which answers these questions (and more!) needs to be in place. Without a strategy, effectiveness and return on investment cannot be measured. Your social media strategy should form part of a wider marketing strategy designed to help you achieve your business ambitions and growth. 

2. Time

It takes consistency to see results on social media. All too often small and medium sized businesses commence a social media campaign, brimming with enthusiasm but then crucial day-to-day business tasks push social media further down the to-do list. Outsourcing your social media management ensures social media remains a priority, posts are created and your followers engaged. 

3. Content creation

Depending on your business type and objectives, effective social media content could potentially be a combination of copy, images, video content, GIFs, 360 views, tagged shopping posts, stories, live posts, polls and paid social. Using an agency which can produce high quality content across all these mediums will position your brand and business where it needs to be. 

4. Analytics and ROI

When was the last time you checked all of your social analytics? All social media channels have built-in analytics, however, they differ in how they measure and present information. Without analysing what has worked and, importantly, what has not worked, how will you improve your engagement, reach and fulfil your objectives?

5. Can you afford to get it wrong? 

If social media can convey your brand message, build your reputation and demonstrate your credibility what happens if it goes wrong? You don’t have to look far to find examples of brands getting it very wrong on social media. So before you let a junior member of staff loose on your social media ask yourself, how much would it cost your business if your reputation was damaged?

Nigel ReeceManaging Director

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