6 things to consider before outsourcing your digital marketing

Outsourcing your digital marketing could be a huge benefit to your business – it could supercharge growth, save you time and money, plus allow you to get a better return on your marketing investment. But before you take the plunge, here’s six things to consider…

1. Your budget

The first step is to work out how much budget you have available for outsourcing your digital marketing. Before you decide, read this blog!

2. Your goals

Every outsourced marketing team worth their salt will ask you pretty early on what your goals are for digital marketing, so it’s worth having a think about this in advance to get the most out of it. Have a look at our marketing strategy process for an idea of the sort of questions we’ll typically ask our clients.

3. How will it fit with your team?

We work with a wide range of businesses  – from those who have absolutely no marketing in house, to those who already have a full team who use our expertise in areas their team lack skills. The important thing is to consider how an external team will fit into your team before you bring them in. This is especially important if you have marketing staff – you need your team to work with your marketing agency, not against them.

4. What skills do you need now?

Whether you have an internal team or not, think about what skills you are most keen to bring on board. Look for agencies who match your missing skillset, although it’s also important to keep an open mind because your outsourced digital marketing team may be able to bring additional areas into your marketing you might not have previously considered, like PR or content marketing

5. What skills might you need in future?

Thinking further ahead, might you be in the market for a new website, want to start using social media or to launch an online shop? Look for a team that can grow with you.

6. What time frame do you want to commit to?

Outsourcing your digital marketing is a much smaller commitment than taking on a member of staff, but there is normally a minimum time commitment. We ask new sign ups to commit to at least three months. This allows us to get a proper understanding of your business, get a marketing plan together and start seeing early results.

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