Redesigned website for engineering company M-CNC

Precision engineering company M-CNC was founded in 2011 by experienced engineer, Mark Wylde. When the business was launched Cognique worked with Mark to develop M-CNC’s corporate identity, as well as designing and building the company’s first website.

Five years on, the company has gone from strength to strength. With more staff and significantly bigger clients, M-CNC felt they had outgrown their current website.

They needed an updated site to reflect their increased expertise and inspire confidence in the higher-end clients they were now working with. M-CNC were also facing increased competition in their field, so they also needed to ramp up their marketing activity to rise above their competitors.

Happy with their previous experience, M-CNC came back to Cognique to get an updated look, ensure their website met current best practice and add new marketing functionality.

redesigned website for m-cnc

Redesigned website

We redesigned the site to bring it in line with the latest in web design best practice – ensuring it was responsive and worked across all devices, essential for performing well in search engines

The website has been given a professional new look designed to highlight their expertise and showcase their quality work and credentials. 

We also added a number of new marketing features including email newsletter sign up, a blog and social media integration, to help M-CNC reach and convert more prospects and continue to grow their business. Over the coming months, we are hoping to continue to work with M-CNC to help them develop strong blog content and email marketing campaigns.

Visit the new M-CNC website.

If your business has evolved and you would like to find out how you could update your website to reflect your current business, feel free to get in touch. Initial consultations are always free.

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