Simple lead identification and tracking

What do you know about the visitors to your website? Analytics tools like Google Analytics are useful to a point, but it’s difficult to get insight on the activity of individual visitors. This is where lead identification and tracking tools can be helpful.

What is lead identification?

Prospect or lead identification tools are software programs that can help you identify and track the activity of individual visitors.

Here’s an example to illustrate why this might be useful. When someone fills in a contact form, you often have minimal information at your disposal before you call them back. A lead tracking tool can provide details like what search terms they used to find your website, and what pages they visited while they were on your site. You can use these insights to better prepare for your call and provide a tailored service to your prospect.

Lead identification and tracking tools to try

There’s many tools on the market, here’s two simple tools we’ve evaluated and still use…


Leadin is a free plugin for WordPress sites that allows you to get to know your website visitors better. When website visitors get in contact it will provide you with additional information about their visit and subsequent visits, including the pages they view and how they found your website. See the screenshot in the example below:

LeadIn lead identification contact example

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a paid tool that is particularly useful for those selling to other businesses (B2B) rather than consumer (B2C). This hosted software will tell you show you where your website visitors work, including details of the business sector, size, head office location etc. It works by tracking IP addresses using a very accurate and frequently updated database (unlike some other tools). While you won’t know exactly who in the company accessed your site it can provide a useful starting point for prospecting. You can also set up triggers to be alerted by email when someone visits from a particular company. Pricing is based on the average number of visits to your website, and you can arrange a trial with directly with LeadForensics.

We recommend LeadForensics for businesses offering professional services or high value B2B products as it can demonstrate a good return on investment especially when used proactively as part of an integrated sales and marketing plan.

LeadForensics Sample Visitor Detail

LeadForensics Sample Visitor Detail. Click to view larger version.


Of course these are just two solutions we have tried, like and recommend to client. There are many other tools out there which offer prospect identification as part of their service, a few to look at include ORBTR, Kissmetrics, Jumplead and Convertible. In addition to these there are many larger marketing software suites available which provide lead identification and tracking as part of a complete solution. These include Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot, among others.

Do you think lead identification would be useful for your business? Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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