Three quick and easy website marketing checks

It’s always a good idea to set up web analytics and measure how your business is doing properly, but here are three easy website marketing checks that you can do without opening up any analytics programs. They will give you a valuable insight into how well you are doing online and what other people see when they look at your business on the internet.

1. Where do you rank for your business name?

Google your business name – ideally, your website should be number one. If you are not at the top, potential customers may not be finding you, and you might want to invest in search marketing. It’s also a good idea to have a look down the listing to see what else is coming up when searching for you. If you want to be really thorough, do the same exercise on Bing (bear in mind that less than 10% of all UK online searches use Bing). 

Tip: Also check your Google My Business listing is appearing and is displaying the correct information.

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2. Is your site well indexed in Google?

Enter “” into Google (replace with the actual URL of your site), and this will show you which pages from your website are currently in Google’s index. This will give you an instant snapshot of how well any search engine optimisation or content marketing work is paying off. If not many of your pages come up then it might be time to rethink your strategy.

Tip: Have a look at the title and description that is displaying for each page – does this accurately describe the content of the page for a visitor and would they be enticed to click? If not, you can usually edit these in your content management system

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3. Is your content popular?

Social shares are a great indication of how popular your content is. Go to Buzzsumo and enter your domain in the search box. This will show you how many times your content has been shared on each social network and which pages are the most popular. 

Tip: Have a look at your competitors to see which content has been most popular for them.

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