Welcome to the new us: why we decided to rebrand

You might have noticed that Cognique is looking a little different. The fact is, a lot has changed at Cognique since we opened our doors back in 2003 and we thought it was about time our brand reflected that.

From our brand identity, to our tone of voice, to our entire website, our rebrand has been a carefully considered process injected with creativity, aspiration, and passion. It’s been a lengthy endeavour and months in the making – but the results have been worth the wait.

A rebrand driven by ambition

On the subject of what drove the decision to rebrand, our MD Nige said: “It was long overdue! We’ve changed so much as an agency – the historic identity simply no longer represented our team, our expertise, or our ambitions as a business.”

Once upon a time, Cognique was four guys building websites and designing brochures. Today, our offering has expanded dramatically. We’re taking huge strides in the digital marketing landscape as we continue to help our clients achieve their business goals and better reflect who they are as a business – it seemed only right that we give our business, our own brand the same treatment.

“Our modern rebrand aligns with our vision and values, and reflects our plans for growth. It’s a subtle shift of our position in the marketplace as we continue to evolve into a confident, results-driven agency. I believe the rebrand embodies our goals and collaborative spirit. I hope it will attract dynamic, new talent – as well as more business.”

– Nigel Reece, Managing Director

Confident, collaborative and curious

Naturally, our rebrand included a reassessment of our values as a business: the things that make us, us. Drilling down to the very core of who we are and what’s important to us as a business was a huge influence on the design and tone of our rebrand. As with everything else, the old brand just wasn’t doing it for us anymore.

Our Creative Director, Dave, said: “Our old brand didn’t reflect who we are today. It was very corporate and safe – it didn’t reflect the personality or culture within the business, or the full breadth of our services and expertise. Most importantly, it didn’t represent the fun, collaborative approach we have towards our work and clients.”

As a confident, collaborative, and curious agency (and it’s no accident these were chosen as our new business values), it was vital that our website, branding, and tone of voice reflect this.

“We’re a forward-thinking, modern digital marketing agency,” said Dave. “We genuinely enjoy what we do and bringing our clients along on the journey. The old brand wasn’t giving this impression at all.”

An agency focused on the future

The rebrand isn’t about where we are as a business now: it’s about where we’re going, and the growth we aim to achieve along the way.

“Our old brand held us back as an employer, it was dull, masculine, and too corporate to live within the marketing space. We want to attract the best talent the South West has to offer – so every touch point needs to excite, entice, and spark curiosity.”

“Our culture today is completely different compared to seven years ago. We’re vibrant, supportive, young, and energetic. The ‘new’ Cognique has moved beyond an example of gradual evolution – we’re a completely different business.”

– David Rice, Creative Director

Our industry expert

Nigel Reece

Managing Director

Standing at the helm of Cognique, Nige is a strong believer in the value of professional networking and strong business relationships. He also still finds time to exercise his creative muscles, designing attention-grabbing brand guidelines and concept boards for our clients.

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