WooCommerce customisation for new Bobbie Burns website

Bobbie Burns has been a household name for furniture in Bristol since 1929 when the business was owned by the founder Bobbie Burns. Recently the brand has been revitalised by its new owner South West Upholstery with ‘The Bobbie Burns Collection’ in honour of the respected gentleman.

As well as selling one-off pieces of retro furniture, they also offer a bespoke furniture range where customers can build their own sofas and chairs online, and then the furniture is made from scratch in their Bristol workshop to meet the customers needs. This is where the WooCommerce customisation comes in.

WooCommerce customisation for new Bobbie Burns website

WooCommerce customisation

WooCommerce is currently one of the most popular WordPress ecommerce solutions available, allowing you to sell products via your website. However, what WooCommerce doesn’t allow the online store owner to do is build their own products from a range of different options, which is what South West Upholstery required for the Bobbie Burns website. 

They wanted their customers to be able to build their own sofa or chair online, starting with frame options, choosing fabrics and colours, selecting the colour of the legs and finally paying for the order. So with our experience of WordPress and WooCommerce we were able to customise the e-commerce functionality to meet the client’s requirements. This enables the client to concentrate on creating bespoke furniture to the customer’s exact specification.

WooCommerce customisation for new Bobbie Burns website

Visit the new Bobbie Burns website >

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