By combining mouth-watering creativity and fresh, targeted marketing, we help food & drink businesses thrive.

Growing and nurturing a food and drink business is tough. Juggling production needs, attending food events, applying for accreditation and servicing sales can leave little time to focus on marketing. Successful food and drink businesses are fresh, exciting, targeted and of course, tasty! Let us take a nibble and put together a mouth-watering combination of marketing, design and branding that will help you cook up a storm! We are proud to be working with Wells Food Festival and supporting the Bath & West Rural Enterprise Centre.




You've poured heart and soul into your new food products range. We can translate this passion into branding that defines your unique selling proposition and position it within your target market.




Social media allows you to get social with your customers quickly. However, for it to be successful needs strategy, planning and consistency. We can help define your goals and create campaigns to achieve them.




If the first bite is taken with the eye, then the power and importance of your packaging cannot be underestimated. We mix creativity, practicality and fresh thinking, to ensure your product leaps off the shelf.




No such thing as bad press? Sadly that's untrue, especially for food and drink businesses. We'll serve your product into the right hands, get it tried by the right people and talked about in all the right places.




There’s nothing more appealing than a tasty looking, information-packed email to whet your customers’ appetite. It's the perfect platform for building your brand by sharing news, recipes and offers.




Websites aren't just for selling product. If you want to build credibility, list stockists, provide technical information, or serve up delicious recipe ideas we can advise on the right website to make your business flourish.

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Whatever your sales and marketing aspirations may be, we’d love to hear your business ambitions and share our insights on how marketing, design and branding can help you grow. Initial consultations are always free and include coffee, tea and doughnuts!

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Exciting food and drink brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with...

10Sep 19 

Mouth watering food photography

If the first bite is taken with the eye, then high quality food photography that tells your brand's story, should be at the heart of your marketing campaign. To get the most out of your food photography it really is worth spending time to clearly define your brief and think carefully about where and how your images will be used.What type of food photography do I need?Before commissioning a photographer, think about the different types of images you may need. As a minimum we would sugges...

05Mar 19 

Driving sales with food and drink wholesale distributors

You’ve been on the food market circuit for a while and perhaps even have a couple of local retailers stocking your products, but how do you grow your stockists and reach new retailers potentially hundreds of miles away? The time might be right for you to start talking to food and drink wholesale distributors.Working with food and drink wholesale distributors can be an effective way to reach a wide network of retailers and can significantly aid your business growth. However, there are several...

29Oct 18 

When is the best time to rebrand your food packaging?

The food packaging industry has evolved massively over the last couple of decades. Gone are the days when packaging was produced as cheaply as possible, with the sole purpose of simply holding a product (and in some cases to extend its' shelf life a little). Now, the expectation is that packaging needs to work much harder for its money. Today, the fact that packaging makes food products look desirable, keeps them well protected and in perfect condition just isn't enough. Consumers want it to con...

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