Email marketing has to be one of the most cost effective, straightforward ways of keeping your business front of mind with existing and potential customers (and it’s also pretty good at increasing sales).

Is your business benefiting from the power of email marketing?

One of best features of email marketing is its versatility. From sharing content and promoting offers, to creating auto responders and split testing customer behaviour. If you’re looking for ways to organically grow your customer base, then email marketing is a great way to attract new business. Remember the golden rule of email marketing: make sure you only send campaigns to people who have given you permission to email them – no one likes spam!


Having regular, well written content on your website combined with competitions, special offers and discounts will attract new subscribers. Give them plenty of opportunity to sign up via your website.


Mobile optimised, beautifully designed campaigns that your customers can’t wait to read. Encourage engagement with trackable voucher codes for your online promotions.


Look after your existing customers, they’re the ambassadors of your business. Improve brand loyalty by emailing them unique content and special offers based on their preferences.


Whether you’re wanting to upsell to previous customers, engage with online shoppers who’ve abandoned their carts or simply say “Happy Birthday”, personal automated email campaigns can be powerful persuaders.

Target your existing and potential customers

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04May 20 

I've gained new customers - how do I retain them?

Since the UK lockdown, time spent online has increased exponentially. In fact, UK daytime internet usage has more than doubled. Consumers spending more and more time online will, and has, created opportunities for some businesses, notably ecommerce businesses. The key for these businesses is retaining new customers in the short term and beyond the lockdown period.  Email marketing Email marketing is an effective and cost effective channel for retaining new customers. There are a variety o...

03May 18 

Marketing for Estate Agents - Improve your email marketing results

To get better email marketing results from your campaigns you need two things, more people in your mailing list and better engagement from those that are already in it. Here’s how to get both...Growing your list Make it easy to sign up Don’t ask for too much information. There’s no need to ask for three different telephone numbers and a full postal address just to sign up for an email alert. Just an email address is fine at this stage. Asking for too much information is off putting and i...

16Aug 17 

10 benefits of outsourced marketing

Wondering if outsourcing your marketing could be right for your company? There's numerous upsides, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Here's ten benefits of outsourced marketing... 1. No long-term commitment One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your marketing is that there's no long term commitment. Most firms operate on short or rolling contracts, so you can try out marketing activity without committing long term. 2. Removes risk of investing in marketing As there's no ...

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