Or ‘Paid Search’ or ‘Google Adwords’. Whichever term you prefer to use, it doesn’t change the fact that online digital advertising is a powerful, cost effective way of marketing and is suitable for almost any business of any size.

Reach the right people, just when they’re looking for you via Google Ads paid search

Google Ads and PPC (Pay Per Click) can tell prospects about your business, services or products at the moment they’re searching for them. You can create and display specific adverts to a highly targeted audience who are likely to be interested in what you offer. To be effective, any campaign needs careful research and if that all sounds a bit daunting, we’ll happily manage the process for you. We can research, create and manage all your paid search advertising as part of a fully integrated marketing campaign.


Budget friendly and easy to edit, Google Ads (or Adwords) are an ideal way to maximise the return on your PPC investment. Make sure campaigns and adverts are set up correctly and are regularly optimised and managed.


Selling online? Google Shopping will help. Combining Merchant Centre with compelling shopping campaigns allows you to get your products in front of customers that are searching for what you sell.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest; whichever you choose to use, make sure your campaigns target the right people, at the right time and in the right locations (and ideally form part of a fully integrated strategy).


If a customer leaves your website without buying any of your products, you can try to entice them back by showing them highly visual, relevant adverts as they browse other websites. This is called remarketing.

For instant results, let us handle your online advertising

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17Aug 22 

Team Spotlight: Digital Marketing Executive, Amy Scriven

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When Kim & Amy went to brightonSEO

Investing in our people and their development, is something we continually support. Kim & Amy headed to brightonSEO for two days, their first in-person conference since they joined Cognique last year. Here’s what they got up to in the fun packed city of Brighton… brightonSEO here we come We’d booked our tickets, found an Airbnb with a seaside view, figured out the tube to get across London so we didn’t miss our connecting train. We were ready… As we headed down to Brighton, cracke...

21Feb 22 

What is a digital marketing strategy & why does a business need one?

A digital marketing strategy details how a business can achieve its goals using marketing – giving the business focus and helping it achieve buy-in from key stakeholders. Almost any business can benefit from a digital marketing strategy, but it can be particularly beneficial for businesses that are:Looking to grow Seeing a decline in sales Launching a new product or service Moving into a new market Looking to target a new audience Seeing increased competitor activityMarketing can be highl...

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