As a business owner you’d be concerned if a member of staff was under-performing or worse, under threat. So why treat your website differently? It’s a valuable addition to your business, so give it the support it deserves.

Love your website: treat it to the best website support, reliable hosting and dependable security

If your website was hacked, or didn’t function properly, how would it impact your company? Loss of business? Weakened customer confidence? As technology advances, hackers and malware becomes increasingly more sophisticated. Protect your valuable, online business asset with secure hosting, website support, daily back ups, speed checks and performance monitoring. At Cognique, we’ve got your website covered.


Cloud Hosting

Fast, reliable and secure Cloud Hosting

When you have your website built by Cognique, you’ll have the option of us hosting the website for you, taking away the hassle of managing this yourself. However, if you want to use your own hosting, that’s fine too!

Our hosting comes with 3gb of storage, 1gb of memory and unlimited bandwidth. Additional storage can be added for £2 per month per 1gb (billed annually).

99.9% uptime guarantee

Your website is spread across hundreds of cloud servers – not just one. So you’re guaranteed incredible reliability and performance.

Full DNS Management

We’ll add and update your DNS records as and when you need them changing. Or, we can give you full access and you can control them yourself.

FTP Accounts

Need full access to your website files and scripts? No problem, we can create you an unlimited number of FTP accounts.

Cron Jobs

Certain tasks on your website may need to run frequently on a scheduled basis (such as importing/exporting products). Our web hosting allows an unlimited number of CRON jobs which will take care of this for you.

Multiple MySQL Servers

Our hosting has multiple MySQL servers. This ensures the MySQL server you’re on is never overloaded.

Control Panel Access

Having your website designed and developed by Cognique means we will take care of your hosting account. However, if you need full access, we can provide you with a customised control panel.

Domain Names

If you don’t have a domain name, we can register one for you as part of your website project. However, we recommend to clients that, where possible, they register and renew their domain name within the control panel of their registrar of choice. This then gives you complete control over your company’s domain asset, and allows you to point it at any hosting server you wish.


Cognique specialise in the hosting of websites. We DO NOT provide email services or support.

This is for a number of reasons, the main one being our clients usually already have their own email services and wish to keep them in place when they have a new website developed. Email can involve a huge amount of resource for maintenance and support, (which we don’t provide) which makes it more suited to an IT company.

If you don’t have any email services in place, or you are interested in having a collaborative email solution installed, then we recommend our preferred I.T. provider PC Comms. They offer a fully managed, cloud based Office 365 or Google G.Suite solution. PC Comms also specialise in providing businesses with robust protection from viruses and malware.


Security & Maintenance

Protect your website with our WordPress Security and Maintenance Service

Our Security and Maintenance Service ensures the continued smooth running of your website. From daily back ups and critical updates to speed checks and performance monitoring – Cognique have got you covered. The service includes:


We’ll install and configure a WordPress plugin to help improve the security of your website. Features include Activity Auditing, File Integrity Monitoring, Blacklist Monitoring and File System Hardening. Once configured, we will continue to monitor and action any suspicious activity. We will also install and configure an SSL Certificate.


We will connect your website to a centralised control panel which will alert us of any critical WordPress updates that need actioning. We’ll also monitor your websites connectivity (we receive alerts within minutes if your website goes down).


We will always back up your website before any updates are installed. We then install all updates and test your website to ensure there are no issues. If any issues arise, we will spend up to 1 hour in labour time trying to rectifying the issue*. If a resolution cannot be found, we will restore the website from the backup and notify you with suggested options. This service will be carried out weekly. Occasionally, WordPress may automatically push out ad-hoc security updates. When this happens, we will check your website within 1 business day to make sure it is still functioning correctly, and manually update any other plugins as necessary.


As with most content management systems, WordPress uses a database to store its page content. To improve the speed of a WordPress website, the use of a caching plugin can help, bypassing the database and creating static versions of each page. This technique can dramatically increase the page load speed, essential for improving Search Engine Optimization and increasing conversions. As part of the service we will install, configure and test a WordPress caching plugin and monitor its performance.


Our hosting includes a daily backup provided by the hosting provider. These backups are great for disaster recovery. However, they can be executed randomly, so you never know exactly what data the backup contains. We provide a cloud based backup service for your website, taking daily backups at a specified time. It also allows us to perform ad-hoc backups, which can be executed prior to any updates being installed.


If your website is unfortunate enough to be compromised, we will perform a full post-hack security clean up. This includes the removal of any infected theme or plugin files, the removal or your URL from any blacklists, and the clean-up of any damaging search engine entries. We will then reset all your administrator passwords and make sure your website is fully up to date.

*We will only fix issues to existing features. Design changes to existing features and the design and development of new websites are not included.

Security & Maintenance FAQs

Why update WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems on the Internet, thought to be powering 25% of all websites, from small startups to large corporations.

The nature of open source means that anybody can download it, sometimes for malicious purposes, with the intention of scanning through the source code looking for vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability is discovered, hackers can easily scan the internet looking for any websites using that particular version of WordPress and execute code to exploit it, which may then allow them to have full access to your website.

It is not just WordPress that can be a target, there are also millions of open source plugins available for WordPress (used to extend its functionality), which can be targeted in the same way. The more popular a plugin, the more websites a hacker knows it may be able to target.

Luckily the authors of WordPress and the major plugins spot and patch vulnerabilities very quickly and publish updates to the repository, which can then be quickly downloaded within the WordPress admin area.

I can update WordPress, why would I need your service?

It is very easy to update WordPress and your installed plugins; just login to the WordPress admin area, click on the ‘Updates’ link and then click the install button.

However, the other major component that sits on top of WordPress is your theme, the part of the jigsaw that your visitors will interact with, essentially the most important part.

When we develop bespoke WordPress themes, they will use the latest WordPress features available at that point in time. When updates become available certain WordPress functions may change or become obsolete. If your theme is using one of these functions, it may introduce errors, or features may stop working.

At this point, clicking the WordPress update button will not help, and the only way to fix the issue will be to modify the theme code in order to make it compatible with the changes.

Is this service not included in my hosting cost?

Many clients think that the annual hosting cost covers all the security of your website, providing a 99.9% guarantee that your website will be online. Whilst the latter is true, the security only covers the hardware layer i.e. the computer that is serving the web pages. The application layer (the website) that sits on top of the server is almost never touched by the hosting provider, due to the fact that care needs to be taken when updates are installed. A hosting provider can be running thousands of different websites, all built on different platforms, and for them to know the ins and outs of all websites would require a great deal of expertise. It is therefore safer for the customer to manage their own website to make sure it is running securely.

How much does the service cost?

The cost for this service is £49.99 + VAT per month. As a valued subscriber, you will also benefit from a 10% discount on any additional website development.

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