There’s no getting away from it, a new website is a big (but immensely important) investment for any ambitious business. That’s why any website project starts with careful planning. And questions. A lot of questions…

A bespoke website is the perfect fit for your business marketing

Used well and built as part of a long-term strategy, a new website can be a very powerful marketing tool for a business. However, it’s worth remembering that a website needs to be so much more than pleasing to look at, easy to navigate and mobile optimised. Ideally, the web development of your new site should be treated like a new member of staff, one that has a well defined role and a clear set of goals. To achieve this takes some in-depth planning, which is where Cognique can help…


Where possible, we always like to visit you. For us it’s a key part of understanding your business. In these early meetings we’ll take a ‘deep dive’ into your business, looking at trends within your sector, competitors, your market offering and much more.


Armed with the info from our meetings (along with any website analysis we have), we’ll create a ‘site map’. It may look a bit like a family tree, but this very important exercise maps out the hierarchy, structure and scope of the pages of your website.


One of the most exciting parts of the process. We design (and publish online) static page visuals that adopt your identity, brand colours and guidelines. This highly visual stage really starts to breathe life into your website.

Web Development

Visuals approved, the digital ‘magic’ starts. Often using the open source WordPress CMS as a platform, the development (or ‘build’) of your website begins, bringing it closer to becoming an online reality.


Responsive design is an integral part of our website design and development, as is UX. Before we pass it over to you for approval, the site is rigorously tested on multiple devices, platforms and browsers.

Go Live

The wait is over. It’s time to unleash your new website to the www. But the relationship doesn’t end there. We’re on hand to train, support, advise and market – giving your business the best options for sustainable growth.

Want your website to benefit from the beauty of bespoke?

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25Nov 21 

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