How we increased care home tour enquiries by 400%

Somerset Care website case study

Somerset Care needed a website that was intuitive, informative, and supported their customers during a time when they may be feeling emotional and vulnerable. Before Cognique got involved, this wasn’t the case.


Somerset Care’s former website didn’t align with their values or promote their full range of services.

As one of the largest not-for-profit care companies in the UK, Somerset Care turned to Cognique because they needed a website that conveyed their commitment to customer empathy and quality service. They also wanted their website to reflect their full range of care services to suit individual needs – much more than just care homes.

Somerset Care’s pain points
  • Their website was difficult to manage and update because it was built on an outdated CMS.
  • The website was complicated to navigate, making users feel frustrated and lost.
  • The content focused on care homes and ignored their other care services.
  • The website wasn’t designed for mobile devices.
  • The website didn’t meet WCAG standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • Overall, the old website created a negative user experience.


Understanding the website users and their online behaviour was the clear place to start.

People reaching out to Somerset Care are often at an emotional and overwhelming time in their lives. The last thing they needed to face was a difficult to navigate website. To understand how Somerset Care’s new website would meet their needs, we used a combination of website and SEO research.

A lot of the existing website content was duplicated and outdated, and many pages containing key information were not clearly accessible. Our research helped us design and build a website that was easy to navigate and intuitive to use, gently guiding users through their journey.

Website research
  • User interviews & surveys
  • Analysis of real user journeys through the website
  • Industry and competitor research
  • Website page structure and navigation analysis
SEO research
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Competitor analysis


More tour bookings, more enquiries, and more traffic: a new website built for purpose.

The new website showcases all the different services Somerset Care offer. Each page has been designed to make key information easy to find. We created a new advice section featuring FAQs and helpful articles – which has the added benefit of supporting ongoing SEO and content campaigns.

As one of Somerset Care’s largest user groups are the elderly and those with cognitive or visual impairments, it was also very important the new website met WCAG standards. The website is fully accessible, with a screen reader, adjustable colour contrasts, and more.

Since the launch, Somerset Care have benefited from a series of SEO campaigns, which have generated an increase in care home enquiries and tour bookings.

Overall results to date
  • +173% overall conversions
  • +400% care home tour bookings
  • +169% care home enquiries
+173%Overall ConversionsThe conversion goals were clear: more care home enquiries and more care home tour bookings. Our retained SEO campaigns continue to generate both.+400%Care Home ToursStraightforward website signposting navigates users to a simple booking form. Care home tour bookings, vital to customer engagement, have skyrocketed.+169%Care Home EnquiriesContent cluster strategies targeting specific services, including ‘Nursing Care’ and ‘Respite Care’, generated a wave of new enquiries.

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