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“They’re a welcoming team with an eye for detail and great design and marketing expertise.”

Ryan Williams, Head of Innovation & Product Design, James Tobias

Heritage, credibility & joined up thinking start the process of repositioning James Tobias

Business heritage, pioneering products, company-wide expertise, customer service excellence and eco manufacturing are USPs that many businesses would naturally want to aspire to. In the case of James Tobias, they already had them all. The issue was they weren’t projecting them outwardly. No one was being told or reminded of the skill and innovation that James Tobias brought to the marketplace. So it was time to stop, reflect and map a route to repositioning the company.

Business benchmarking

Planning a strategy for growth starts with mapping the current position of the business. Technical SEO, website analysis, an audit of all marketing comms and a sales team survey gave us the ’nuts and bolts’ of James Tobias existing business infrastructure. The sales team survey was particularly beneficial; it encouraged vital internal ‘buy-in’ and helped align marketing and sales; two things that can often feel disjointed or even opposed.

Evolving the brand

A sensitive evolution of James Tobias logo and an invigorated tone of voice added weight to early stage marketing. James Tobias core services; design, manufacturing and installation, were incorporated with business heritage to create service ‘declarations’ which, when combined with the company name, made compelling mission statements. They also acted as reminders, internally and externally, that James Tobias “exist to innovate”.

Bespoke Website build

The existing website was outdated and didn’t reflect James Tobias business expertise or ambition. We carefully, planned designed and built a bespoke website that showcased their innovative products and impressive projects. The new website means the James Tobias team can now quickly and easily add or update content. While testing the website prior to ‘go-live’, we finalised the marketing strategy – something that the website would play a pivotal part in.

Full marketing strategy

We continue to work strategically with James Tobias promoting service excellence, product innovation & developing brand awareness. We remind their loyal customers why they continue to invest in James Tobias, while attracting new prospects with the promise of the same outstanding customer service. Using a blend of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, e-marketing and more we ensure a level of consistency, both in tone of voice and timing, that’s backed up with meaningful reporting and measurable results.

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"Part of my brief to Cognique was ‘…to improve the cycle between awareness and delivering a solution to customer need’. That’s an ongoing process and so far they’ve helped bring marketing clarity and consistency to James Tobias. They’re a welcoming team with an eye for detail and great design and marketing expertise."

Ryan Williams, Head of Innovation & Product Design, James Tobias

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