“Cognique are a fantastic team to work with. We’re really looking forward to working closely with them to improve our SEO, Google rankings and Marketing.”

Shannon Nutkins, Communications Lead, Lendology CIC

 A new website & Digital Marketing drives enquiries for Lendology CIC

Lendology believe that every homeowner should be able to live in a home where they feel safe, warm and secure and for many access to affordable lending is key to making that happen. The Lendology team knew their services and expertise were among the best, but their website was not attracting new clients and was hindering business growth. Here’s how we turned that around…

Mapping behaviour

User behaviour recordings and heat maps gave us vital data about how the current website was used and told us which services and elements were most important to visitors. Understanding what customers wanted and what was important to the growth of Lendology CIC, helped us map the page structure of the new website.

Making life easy

Accessible, user friendly application forms make it quick and easy for customers to apply for a loan. A clear ‘4 Step’ process, supported by the promise of a reply ‘within 1 working day’ helped increase online loan applications within days of the new website going live.

Digital Marketing

With the website live, the focus turned to retained Digital Marketing. Lendology wanted “to drive more traffic to and increase loan applications on the website using a mixture of SEO and Google Ads”. What followed was a strategy designed to increase website visitors, generate more loan applications and deliver a measurable ROI.

Within a few months Loan Applications increased by 42% while Request A Call Back submissions increased by 250%. Using a consistent tone of voice across all channels, the marketing strategy also helped raise awareness of Lendology and strengthen their brand.

Clear results

The Lendology team have access to an exclusive online Marketing Dashboard (designed and built by Cognique) that displays the KPIs, analytics, data and results from all the marketing activity. The Marketing Dashboard is also particularly useful for internal sales meetings and presentations to stakeholders, to demonstrate a clear ROI from their marketing spend.

Website visitors
Ranking keywords
Google Ads clicks

“We are thrilled with our new website. Since it went live we've seen an increase in overall and organic website traffic, which is testament to the design and functionality of our website. Through their detailed research, Cognique were able to understand our brand values and capture them perfectly, whilst focusing on the user journey. Cognique are a fantastic team to work with and we're really looking forward to working closely with them to improve our SEO, Google rankings and Marketing. Thank you Cognique!”

Shannon Nutkins, Communications Lead, Lendology CIC

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