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“We’re absolutely delighted with our new website and looking forward to working with Cognique on our next exciting project.”

Ellen Musgrove, Managing Director, Musgrove Willows

Ambitious Musgrove Willows turn to Cognique to develop a website with purpose

Family owned and run, Musgrove Willows have grown willow on the Somerset levels for nearly 100 years. Four generations of family expertise is supported by a dedicated team including office support, willow weavers and agricultural workers and the continued business success is built on marrying traditional processes with forward thinking innovation. So Cognique were delighted when we were invited to design and develop a website that would feature some industry-defining functionality.

Putting the customer first

The new Musgrove Willows Coffins website continues to be used primarily by funeral directors. However, it also has a vitally important role to play in supporting bereaved families. Clear signposting and clean design assists the user journey, but detailed FAQs combined with business heritage and passion reassures customers they have found the right supplier.

Custom functionality

One of Musgrove Willows major USPs is giving the customer the ability to customise their coffin. Exterior colours, internal linings and bespoke finishing touches (they’re even invited to weave the coffin) combine to make it a truly personal service. To replicate that level of service online Cognique developed the ‘coffin customiser’, a unique function featuring over 3.6 million customisation options, giving the user complete control of the coffin design. Customers can then download, email and print the finished design, a process that also adds clarity and speed to the estimating and sales process.

Streamlining orders

The previous ordering system was lengthy and outdated. The new website plays an important role in streamlining internal business efficiency and saving staff time. Enquiries, orders and sales via the website are emailed directly to Musgrove Willows creating a digital papertrail that integrates seamlessly with existing Opencart and Sage systems. This system means Musgrove Willows can continue to deliver on their 48hr delivery promise and reputation for customer service excellence.

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"Musgrove Willows has been weaving coffins for over a decade and while this is a rapidly expanding part of the business, traffic to our old website was poor. Cognique approached the new website project with professionalism and technical expertise. We’re absolutely delighted with our new website and looking forward to working with Cognique on our next exciting project."

Ellen Musgrove, Managing Director, Musgrove Willows Coffins

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