“The result is a beautifully-designed, truly user-friendly website that not only met our brief, but exceeded our expectations. Thanks Cognique!”

Emma Brown Marketing Support Lead, Somerset Care

A clear, empathic, informative new website for Somerset Care

As one of the largest not-for-profit care companies in the UK, Somerset Care needed a website that conveyed their commitment to empathy, quality service, and providing a range of care to suit individual needs. Cognique created an intuitive website that users would find simple to navigate, no matter the emotional state of mind they might be in when turning to a service like Somerset Care.

Understanding the user

When someone is at the point of reaching out to Somerset Care, it can be a very overwhelming and emotional time. The last thing they need to face is a website that is difficult to navigate. Much of the existing content was duplicated and outdated, and many pages containing key information were not clearly accessible.

We combined various UX research methods – including surveys, feedback, user interviews, and user journey mapping – to fully understand how the new website could meet the demands of their target audience. With this information, we were able to design and build a website that was easy to navigate and intuitive to use, gently guiding users through their journey in an impartial, empathic way.

Empathic user experience

We designed the new website to highlight all of the various services that Somerset Care offer, such as home and community care, specialist care, and both physical and learning disability care. No matter which page a user lands on, the new website makes it clear throughout that Somerset Care offer much more than just care homes.

After conducting our UX research, we were able to understand what every user needed, no matter what stage of their journey they were at. Each care service page is designed to cater for the individual user and provide the information they need.

Accessible to everyone

One of Somerset Care’s largest user persona groups are elderly people and people with cognitive disabilities – so it was vital that their website meet the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

The new website allows their users to change colour contrasts, font sizes, and line heights to suit their requirements along with a screen reader for website users with visual impairments.

Intuitive and informative

Another challenge presented was the sheer amount of information Somerset Care needed on their website. The website needed to answer the wide variety of questions a person enquiring about care might have, without bombarding them with large blocks of confusing content.

We designed every page in a way that made key information easy to find and easy to read. We even created a new advice section containing FAQs and helpful articles – which has the added benefit of supporting future SEO and content strategies for Somerset Care.

"From the very start of our website project, Cognique have been brilliant to work with. The thorough research phase left no stone unturned, great communication ensured we always knew how the project was progressing, and at every stage, Dave and the team were at pains to make sure they really understood Somerset Care as an organisation, and the requirements of our website visitors. The result is a beautifully-designed, truly user-friendly website that not only met our brief, but exceeded our expectations. Thanks Cognique!"

Emma Brown, Marketing Support Lead, Somerset Care

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