“They listened carefully to what we wanted to create and added their own ideas and expertise before building our new eCommerce website.”

David Thorne, Sales Executive, Workplace Stuff

Bespoke eCommerce website increases online sales and grows nationwide customer base

Workplace Stuff is a family run business. Built on the foundations of first class customer service, their business philosophy is simple: supply high quality products at the best possible prices. However, Sales Executive David Thorne felt that their existing eCommerce website wasn’t tapping the potential online sales. He felt sure that there was a wider online marketplace. He was right…

eCommerce sales

It was important that the new eCommerce website featured a user-friendly CMS flexible enough to promote the 1000+ product range. Great User Experience (UX) was also a must, in order to help a growing online audience find what they were looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Our CMS of choice was WordPress (integrated with WooCommerce) and we developed a responsive website that immediately helped to increase online sales.

Hefty product import

The old system did not have a built-in option to allow products to be exported, and with a library of around 1,000 products, each with an average of 5 variations, this put the total count to around 5,000+ products. So we had to develop a custom export script to connect to the database, collect each product and its variations, and then create a new product within WooCommerce.

Simplified product structure

One of the biggest problems with the old site was the UX. Instead of having one core product with multiple options, each variation was instead created as a separate product. This meant users had to scan through multiple products in order to find the correct size/colour etc – this had to change. So we created variable products, giving the user the ability to select their desired option via a drop-down selector on the product page.

Advanced delivery

Workplace Stuff sells a wide variety of products, some held in stock, some delivered directly from the manufacturer and some built on demand. To convey this information to the customer, a text field was added to WooCommerce which allows the admin team to enter custom delivery information for each product. Each product can also be entered into a unique delivery group, allowing for advanced pricing logic to be applied at the shopping basket.

Automated discount codes

We integrated the website with our email marketing software where auto-responders containing a discount code were sent using a custom-built template to anyone subscribing to the mailing list – a great way to say ‘thank you’. This platform also allows them to keep their customers up to date with all the latest news and offers through targeted email marketing campaigns.

Google Shopping

As with most eCommerce websites, Google Merchant Center is a great way to tap into an even wider audience of online shoppers. So once the site was ready to go, we linked the two together. Using a combination of targeted Google AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns, sales started to increase sharply. Regular monitoring of the campaigns meant we were able to spot any emerging trends and adjust as necessary.

"The team at Cognique were great from start to finish. They listened carefully to what we wanted to create and added their own ideas and expertise before building our new eCommerce website. It’s turned out far better than we expected and we would highly recommend them!"

David Thorne, Sales Executive, Workplace Stuff

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