The aim of Content Marketing is to attract more visitors to your website via great, informative, sharable, problem solving content. This valuable, uber-content (in the form of blogs & news articles) is designed to increase organic traffic.

Share your expertise and build trust using targeted content marketing

The right kind of content on your website really can help generate more leads and boost sales. But it’s not just about creating great content. You also need a great website with content that’s optimised for search engines and you need to share that content on social media. And when people do access your content, you’ll need to have strong call to actions in place to convert those visitors into customers. Luckily, we can do all that for you.


We’ll help you uncover the keywords and phrases that your target audiences (you’re bound to have more than one) are searching for. We can then use that information to identify specific content opportunities for your business website.


Create a targeted, 90-day plan that’s bursting with activity. Attract and retain customers and prospects using a marketing cocktail of blogs, email and social media campaigns, mail shots and PR promotions and much, much more.


Content. It’s the marketing ’meat-on-the-bone’. Write regular blogs and news articles to fuel and update your website. Creating landing pages with unique, targeted content will help get the best ROI from your PPC campaigns.


Your website content needs the strongest keyword to increase its chances of being loved by search engines. Don’t just use blogs once: promote them on social media, publish them in email campaigns, use them in beautifully designed newsletters.

Attract more visitors with content marketing

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26May 23 

How to set up and optimise your Google Business Profile

What is often the first thing you do when checking out a new business online? You Google it. Businesses make themselves visible online using targeted ads and SEO, and by setting up and optimising a Google Business Profile. But what is this and how is it optimised? What is a Google Business Profile? Google Business Profile is a tool that allows you to create a free Profile for your company on Google. Once created, you can amend and optimise this Business Profile to better attract people to your...

20Mar 23 

The benefits of content marketing

Strategic content marketing is the backbone of any successful business. When coupled with a targeted SEO strategy, content marketing becomes a powerful tool for getting your website to rank highly in search engines. Weaving impactful, clearly written content throughout your website goes beyond improving SEO. Unique content creates the personality behind your brand, setting you apart from your competitors. People-led content marketing also humanises your business, allowing customers to see beyon...

08Dec 22 

Why you should include LinkedIn in your social marketing strategy

These days, LinkedIn is a lot more than just “Facebook for business”. Used in the right way, this social media platform becomes an asset to your business and its ongoing success. If you’re wondering whether you should be including LinkedIn in your business’s social marketing strategy, there’s a few things you need to work out beforehand. Firstly, ask yourself: "What are the goals for your business?", "Is LinkedIn a place that your clients, customers, and competitors tend to occupy?" I...

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