Add Apple Pay to WooCommerce to boost conversions

We’re massive fans of WooCommerce for a whole host of reasons. It’s easy to use, highly customisable, secure and amazingly, it’s free! Recently WooCommerce got even better thanks to the addition of Apple Pay as a payment method.

Why add Apple Pay?

For users with iPhones, Apple Pay provides one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a purchase.

The more obstacles you can remove on the path to purchase, the better. With Apple Pay, buyers don’t have to get up to find their credit card or payment details, they just select Apple Pay and instantly confirm the purchase with fingerprint recognition, it’s that simple!

It’s so easy, that some retailers have seen conversion rates more than double after implementing Apple Pay as a payment method.

What’s more, Apple Pay is growing – people are increasingly using it to pay when shopping both online and in stores. Usage has grown 500% in the last year and shows no signs of stopping. The new iPhone X will potentially make purchases even easier, as it uses face recognition rather than needing a fingerprint. Crucially, shoppers using Apple Pay in stores aren’t restricted by the £30 limit that applies to contactless cards, so it’s becoming a default method of payment for many people.

As it requires a fingerprint – or soon, your face – to purchase, it’s also more secure than credit and debit card payments, which can be made online without any additional security checks.

How to add Apple Pay to WooCommerce

Businesses using the Stripe payment gateway can instantly add Apple Pay by updating the plugin and switching it on in settings.

Once activated, the Apple Pay option will automatically be shown to shoppers who have enabled the Apple Wallet on their iPhone.

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