What stands in the way of good marketing?

There are many things that can stand between a good marketing campaign and growing your business. Here’s a few common reasons (and their solutions) that marketing fails.

Lack of in-house knowledge and skills

Over half (57%) of businesses say they don’t have the right people in their team to manage successful marketing campaigns.

Solution: Try outsourcing – it’s more cost effective and you can access a wider range of skills.

Bad branding

You could have the best marketing campaign in the world, but if your brand looks unprofessional or weak it could be a turn-off.

Solution: Ask prospective customers for honest feedback on your brand, it might be in need of a refresh.

Poor execution

A recent survey found that nearly half of businesses (47%) don’t have a strategy behind their marketing efforts!

Solution: Put a good marketing strategy in place.

Too much focus on awareness

Awareness is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills! A good marketing campaign works across all aspects of the funnel, from awareness to action.

Solution: Invest in conversion rate optimisation as well as awareness building. Alternatively, if it’s your sales people that are dropping the ball, mystery shopping can help identify any issues.

Lack of trust

Trust is a crucial part of converting prospects into customers. If you’re lacking trust, sales may not necessarily follow a successful marketing campaign.

Solution: Invest in content marketing – educational content was found to increase conversions by 133%!

Nigel ReeceManaging Director

If you’re planning to grow your business, a good marketing strategy is essential

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