How to use YouTube for marketing

Did you know that a third of all time online is spent watching videos? As internet speed has increased, so has the desire for video content. YouTube is the leader, with over a billion active users.

Taking advantage of this huge audience to market your business is easier than you might think, especially as most smartphones and cameras can now film excellent quality video.

Three types of videos to create

Focus on creating videos that are helpful to your target audience, here’s three ideas for starters.

1. Demonstrate product features

YouTube is excellent for demonstrating products in a way that text and pictures can’t. Show people the benefits of your products and services to help them see if it’s right for them.

This video from Simply Hike is a great example – it’s much easier to see if a tent is right for you from a video.

You don’t even need a voiceover, as this video from Society6 demonstrates.

2. ‘How to’ and instructional

YouTube videos can also be an excellent way to demonstrate how to use products. Even if you don’t have products, you can still share knowledge and expertise. 

These two videos are for very different products, but both clearly demonstrate how to use them for best results.

3. Answer customer questions

Use video to answer common customer questions in an engaging way, like Halifax and Skyscanner have done in these videos.

Tips for getting started

For best results, make sure you…

  • Fill out your profile with an eye-catching image and a featured video which will auto-play to new visitors.
  • Use a descriptive title to help people find your videos on YouTube and in Google.
  • Include links to more information in your description – make it easy for people to take the next step.
  • Keep videos short and varied – keeping people’s attention is vital.

Engage your customers and turn social media into sales.

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