When you consider that over 80% of buyers start their research with an online search, you’ll understand why it’s so important that the content of your website is well optimised (or SEO’d, as we call it).

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Search engines (like Google) are often the first port of call for the majority of people researching a purchase – for both business and personal purchases. Keeping up with the latest developments in SEO while running a business is tricky. Luckily as a Somerset based SEO agency, it’s what we do, so we’ll happily take the task off your hands. We’ll research keywords and update your website content, so that when people search for what you do, you’re optimised to be found in the search results.


Keyword research is vital. Yes, it identifies the phrases and terms that are key to your business, but it also helps you understand what your customers might be searching for. Once you know that, your marketing becomes that bit easier.


Well optimised website content will always get the best results. But it has to be done well and needs to include updating page titles, accurate meta descriptions, adding alt tags to images and using appropriate sub headings.


If you search the internet you’re probably hoping to find, learn, solve or buy something. Search engines look for website content that will satisfy those searches so writing useful, thorough content that helps, will only improve your rankings.


A backlink is made when one website links to another. Backlinks can be great for SEO, as search engines will see the connection as a positive ‘thumbs up’. Be aware of your audience and only create links to appropriate and useful content.

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