If you’ve tried marketing in the past but didn’t get the results you were hoping for, you may think that marketing doesn’t work for your business. It could be that your marketing strategy was off-target and you just need to try a different approach.

A clear marketing strategy will help you reach your business objectives

We know that taking time out of running your business to come up with a solid marketing strategy is difficult. That’s why Cognique as a digital marketing agency, work with business owners to create a marketing plan for you. Having a strategy in place will help you avoid wasting time and money on marketing activity that doesn’t work. Whether you want to grow, launch a new product, enter a new market or just outsmart your competitors, a marketing strategy can help you get there faster.


We need to get under the bonnet of your business; to understand your goals, identify your key sectors, profile your customers and list your KPIs. We’ll need a meeting…


This where we take a ‘deep dive’ into your business. Researching your competitors, your brand and your offering will help us to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Remove the guess work and inject some consistency into your marketing. Creating a 90-day activity plan that becomes your marketing ‘road map’ is just part of the process.

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01Nov 21 

Cognique embrace the future and grow their team

We specialise in providing bespoke website design and digital marketing for OMBs and SMEs. Winners of the Somerset Business Award Small Business Of The Year 2021, we are enjoying a period of business growth. In response to increased client demand, we have recently expanded the marketing team with Marketing Manager, Kim Barnard who oversees the marketing team and Amy Scriven, in the role of Digital Marketing Executive. Combining their skills and enthusiasm will help take Cognique to the next lev...

17Apr 19 

Does anyone actually click on Google Ads?

It's a question that we're asked a lot and the answer is unequivocally 'yes!'. Our client data tells us that yes, people do click on Google Ads. But don’t just take our word for it: when AdWords first launched in 2000 it had 350 advertisers, now there are estimated to be over 1 million advertisers spending tens of billions of dollars in ad revenue. 1 million advertisers certainly must think they’re onto something! People often have a 'Marmite approach' to Ads – they either love ...

20Mar 19 

5 reasons to outsource your social media

“Social media isn’t rocket science and we’ve got a graduate who’s a dab hand with Instagram.” Sound familiar? It's true, social media isn’t rocket science! However, like all marketing activities, it is truly effective when utilised as part of a wider strategy. Whilst the office junior may have a great following on Snapchat or perhaps even be an emerging YouTube star, running, managing and growing social media channels for a business requires planning, quality content and t...

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