The Big 5 – blog topics that work for any industry

If you’ve tried content marketing and it didn’t work, try again with these five topics. 

What type of content to create

With more content online than ever before – you’d think we have reached content saturation. In many ways, we have. Some topics (ironically, the ones that no one wants to read) have been covered to death. No matter how carefully crafted your blog is, if it’s on the wrong topic, it goes out in the ether and hardly anyone ever reads it.

But, if you want to succeed at content marketing you can – thankfully – still cut through the noise by answering the questions that people really want answered.

Five topics to try

Several years ago an American called Marcus Sheridan, owner of River Pools and Spas, found that he was able to become the leading pool provider, simply by changing the type of content on his website. He switched from a brochure site to writing transparent content that provided the information people really wanted to know about pools – how much they actually cost, what materials were best and which was the right choice for their pool.

In doing this, he identified the “big 5”, topics that were so successful for him he now runs a content marketing consultancy as well as a pool company. The five topics are:

  1. Cost – How much does x cost (your product or service)
  2. Problems – How do I solve x (a common problem in your sector)
  3. Reviews – What are the benefits and costs of your service or product
  4. Comparisons & Versus – Pit different approaches, materials or companies against each other
  5. Best – Use your expert opinion to reveal which is the best choice

How to apply the big five to get results from content marketing

Although this advice is now several years old, for many sectors it remains as relevant as ever. 

A quick search on Google will identify if anyone is covering these topics in your industry. In architecture, for example, Google’s suggested searches show people are looking for all kinds of information on how much architects cost, but only one architect has braved the question, leaving most of the questions unanswered and plenty of opportunity for architects brave enough to be transparent in their content.

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