Email marketing statistics

Is your business currently using email marketing, or are you someone who is still sitting on the fence? Either way these email marketing statistics will be of interest to you, if you are doing it already, these stats will just convince you that you have made the right choice. If you are still umming and ahhing, then these stats will do nothing but amaze and convince you that your business should be using email marketing as a vital marketing tool to stay in touch with your customers and attract new prospects.

A few juicy email marketing statistics to get us started

Did you know that 91% of consumers check their emails daily? That is extremely high, but the most interesting stat below is the one relating to social media. It is by no means a big surprise as social media currently dominates our day-to-days lives, but it shows that having social sharing buttons in your email campaigns could increase your click-through rates by 158%. Yes 158%, amazing huh? With our email templates, you can turn social sharing buttons on and off by the click of the mouse, it is that simple.

Email Marketing statistics

So why email marketing? Well, because of the ROI!

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most cost-effective forms of direct marketing and the return on investment is very impressive as you will see from the stats below. Once your campaign has been created it can be delivered for around 1p per message.

Email Marketing return on investment

You need a mobile optimised email template

More and more of us are reading emails on our mobile devices while on the move and the stats below prove that. There is nothing more annoying than opening up an email on your phone that isn’t optimised, I hate it when I have to pinch and zoom in order to read an email, and usually this results in me deleting it. Luckily for you, all of our email templates are optimised for mobile devices, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Mobile optimised email marketing templates

Which day of the week is best to send your campaign?

Unfortunately, there is no set day that is proven to be the best day to send your email campaigns. It all depends on many things, such as your type of business, the type of customer you are trying to reach, the content in your emails etc. But the stats below will give you a general insight in to which days you should consider. Basically put yourself in your customers shoes, will they be checking their emails first thing on a Monday morning, or after lunch on a Friday evening?

Email Marketing day of the week

Subject lines are very important

Think of it this way, when you receive an email in your inbox, the first thing you see is who it is from and the subject line. If the subject line is not relevant to you or isn’t interesting, it will more than likely be deleted. This is why they are so important, you need to grab the recipients attention and interest almost immediately. A good way to do this is to personalise the subject line, get their name in there, they will love it. Also using the wrong words can result in your email going directly into your customers spam folder, try to avoid using spam words such as ‘free’ to make sure your email gets read.

Email Marketing statistics

You need to be accounting for all email clients

There are many email clients out there, and all will display your emails slightly differently. So you need to bare this in mind when sending your campaigns, after all you want your emails to display correctly for everyone. Our email templates have all been built with this in mind, but should you wish to be 100% sure, you can test your campaigns on all popular email clients before sending them out. Below is a list of the most popular email clients being used today.

Email Marketing client usage

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Please visit our email marketing page to find out more about our system. Or, if you would like to talk to someone about how it can work for your business, get in touch.

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