How we improved Hippychick’s online shopping experience

Hippychick case study

Hippychick specialise in innovative products for babies and toddlers. They needed a bespoke eCommerce website designed for their users that complemented their brand.


It was time for Hippychick to have a website that aligned with their business values.

Hippychick is a family run, multi-award winning business specialising in products for babies and toddlers. Their success is built on a desire to bring innovative products to family homes and help new parents navigate parenthood – all whilst providing exceptional customer service. Hippychick decided their business needed a modern eCommerce website to complement their brand and their products. We were delighted to help.

Hippychick’s pain points
  • Their old website didn’t reflect their values as a brand.
  • The checkout process on the old website took too long, losing them sales.
  • The old website wasn’t designed with the user in mind.
  • The old website didn’t stand out from their competitors.
  • The old website wasn’t designed for mobile devices.


We knew understanding what Hippychick’s customers needed from an eCommerce website was key.

One of Hippychick’s goals was for their new website to reflect their values. As Hippychick strive to make parents’ lives easier, it was important this was reflected in the design of the website. We needed to deliver a website that provided a first class user experience (UX).

To do this, we studied how Hippychick’s customers behaved on their old website. Google Analytics, heat maps, and user journey recordings were some of the sources used to gather data. We then produced a detailed audit that shaped the early stages of the new website design.

The checkout process was also a key area for improvement. The previous website architecture and layout wasn’t designed around the needs of the user. The journey to checkout was taking far too long and there were concerns that valuable sales were being lost.

Website research
  • User interviews & surveys
  • Analysis of real user journeys through the website
  • Industry and competitor research
  • Website page structure and navigation analysis


A purpose built eCommerce website makes shopping online for Hippychick’s customers easier and more enjoyable.

We created a website with the end user in mind, improving the entire process of shopping with Hippychick online. The checkout process is now slick and quick, and the entire website is simple to navigate and enjoyable to use.

It was also important to Hippychick that their new website was about more than quick sales. Alongside fast functionality for busy parents, the new website is imaginative, creative, and fun to look at – a website that parents and their children can look at together.

A huge amount of thought went into the mobile functionality of Hippychick’s new website, as so many parents browse on the go. Working in partnership with Springboard IT we simplified Hippychick’s internal processes by integrating the new website with stock management software, Khaos, putting an end to duplicated tasks and saving staff a huge amount of time.

How did it benefit Hippychick?
  • A faster checkout process and an improved, enjoyable user experience.
  • Time-saving third party software integration.
  • A website that stands out from the rest and reflects Hippychick as a brand.

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