Key questions to ask your marketing team this year

The start of a new year provides an excellent opportunity to understand more about your company’s marketing activity.

These questions should provide a good basis for finding out how you are performing, how your marketing activity could be optimised this year and what your marketing team need from you.

What is the marketing strategy and how is it tied to business goals?

  • What are the aims of the marketing strategy?
  • How does the strategy support our business plan?
  • What are we doing differently this year to last year?
  • What are the main tactics/channels we’re using?

Who are we trying to reach?

  • Who is our ideal customer?
  • How is the marketing activity tailored towards them?
  • Is there anything we could do to reach them better?

How is the activity being measured?

  • What are we measuring, what do the measures show?
  • What was the return on investment for marketing spend last year?

What needs to change?


  • Is there a skill that’s missing?
  • Do you lack resources for particular types of marketing activity?
  • Should we be outsourcing any aspect?  


  • What’s the main barrier to getting your work done?
  • What would make it easier to do your job well?


  • What’s the best thing our competitors are doing?
  • Is there something you think we should be doing that we’re not?

Looking for an honest assessment of your marketing activity, get in touch.

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