Content marketing facts and statistics

Are you considering investing in content marketing? These facts and statistics may be useful for starting to build a business case for content.

Who is using content marketing?

content marketing facts graph185% of UK marketers say they are using content marketing as a tactic, and this figure increases to 90% for B2C marketers.

content marketing facts graph272% of marketers have a content marketing strategy in place (30% documented; 42% non-documented).

content marketing facts graph378% are creating more content than last year and 50% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase.

content marketing facts graph427% of marketing budgets in the UK are now allocated to content marketing.


Objectives for content marketing

Increased engagement is the most common objective for content marketers, with 88% stating engagement as their key goal. Other common objectives include:

content marketing facts graph5

Content marketing tactics

According to The Content Marketing Institute, the most commonly used content marketing tactics are:

content marketing facts graph6

How much content is being created?

content marketing facts graph7Over a quarter (26%) of B2B marketers publish new content multiple times a week.

content marketing facts graph816% of B2B marketers publish new content daily.


Results from effective content marketing

content marketing facts graph941% of content marketers say they are generating return on investment from their content.

content marketing facts graph10Kissmetrics receives 70% of their web traffic to their blog.


Our results from content marketing

Content marketing facts graph11Since we started investing in content marketing back in October 2013, we have seen an impressive 566% increase in visits, and a 572% increase in visitors. So it does work!

google analytics screenshot

Screenshot from our own Google Analytics account showing the increase in traffic since we started content marketing in October 2013.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we utilised content marketing and how your business might be able to benefit then get in touch.

Source of all content marketing facts: CMI, LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, Smart Insights,

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